Cur8 OER Downloads

The Cur8 project aims to foster efficient, effective, inclusive, and collaborative learning strategies for adult learners. For this purpose, the Cur8 project partners have developed various open educational resources (OER) for upskilling educators:

The Cur8 Train-the-Trainer Format

Curation can be viewed as a core competency for critical inquiry, aggregation and storytelling in digital culture. The Cur8 Train-the-Trainer Methodology aims to support the digital competence development of Learning and Development Professionals in CVET. The Cur8 Competence Framework illustrates how we can describe the competence of critical curation of learning content.

Train-the-Trainer Methodology (linked to project website)

Competence Framework (linked to project website)

The Cur8 Learning Topics

The Cur8 learning topics represent modules and units of the Cur8 train-the-trainer format. The learning topics cover different aspects to enable educators to implement an innovative approach to becoming critically digitally literate and can be used as e-learning and also either in a physical or virtual classroom or as blended learning, as stand-alone input, mashed-up or as a bundle. Download the OERs as pdf files here!

  Overview of Learning Topics

Cur8 Modules Brochure (linked to project website)

  The Evolving Role of the CVET Educator

Cur8 Workbook “The evolving role of the CVET educator”

  Learners in the Digital Context

Cur8 Workbook “Learners in the online environment”

Introduction to Learners in the Online Environment

  Content in the Online Context

Introduction to “Content in the online context”

Learning content curation

Finding, sorting and assessing OER/content

Podcast production

Digital storytelling

Understanding copyright

Selecting and implementing appropriate digital tools

Video production

Quizzes and gamification

Collaborative tools for on-line learning

  Digital Wellbeing

Cur8 Workbook “Digital Wellbeing”

Further project-related resources such as the Cur8 Transnational Stocktaking Report with the Educator Engagement Strategy and the Cur8 Experience Report and Roadmap can be downloaded directly from the project website.

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