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What is it? Why is it useful?

Have you ever shown a video in class or during a presentation and then been embarrased by inappropriate advertising or new video suggestions revealing your recent search history on YouTube? Don’t let this happen and show videos without being distracted by ads or recommendations by using VideoLink. VideoLink takes a video out of its context (e.g. YouTube) and shows it in a new, distraction-free window. This is also really useful if you want to share videos for self-directed learning.

Do’s/Don’ts and practical instructions

Please note that you should use VideoLink only for videos that you own, that are free of copyrights or for which you’ve obtained explicit permission to use by the copyright owner. How-to do it: (1) Enter “” in the address bar of your browser. (2) Paste the link to the desired video into the given field. (3) Click on “Generate Link” and a new video link will be displayed, which shows the desired video without e.g. the YouTube environment. (4) If desired, customize the video with background or new title and select only a certain part of the video if necessary. (5) Enjoy the video (or video excerpt) without advertisements and other distractions. (How-to do it was translated and adapted from YouTube-Videos ohne Werbung im Kurs einsetzen by Christina Bliss for wb-web, CC BY SA 3.0)

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