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Gather web content; share thoughts and ideas.

Price: Freemium (at least basic version is free)

Languages: Multilngual

Target groups: Adult learners, Educators/Trainers, VET teachers, Trainees/On-the-job- Learners

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What is it? Why is it useful?

Padlet is a digital bulletin board similar to Pinterest but designed especially for collaboration. It’s like a wall or a notice board, where L&D Professionals and learners can place documents, links, video, and images online for sharing and further implementation, i.e. a content management solution designed to help educators and businesses upload, store and manage files and collaborate with team members.

Do’s/Don’ts and practical instructions

Using Padlet you can create a Padlet board of potential solutions to a problem or use it as a shared repository of resources for research. A powerful feedback tool is included which will enable you to assess input and give feedback. Try the different formats available such as grid, shelf, canvas (here’s a short introduction on padlet formats).

Here is an example how we used Padlet to document the final conference of the Cur8 project.

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4 reviews for Padlet

  1. Vivian

    Padlet is an excellent online tool that provides a virtual space for collaboration, organization, and creative expression. Padlet’s user-friendly interface and variety of features, including multimedia integration and real-time collaboration, make it a versatile and adaptable tool for any subject or learning level. It’s also accessible on any device, making it a convenient and inclusive tool for all students, regardless of their location or background.

  2. Kateryna

    I have found Padlet to be a very useful and intuitive tool for collaboration and organization. One thing that I particularly appreciate about Padlet is the ability to customize the layout and design of each board. It makes it easy to create visually appealing and organized boards for a variety of purposes.

  3. Sabine

    Intuitive to use, great for collaborative development, brainstorming, content curation… can be easily customised in layout and design.

  4. Olga Mineva

    I love this tool and the way it gives an overview of all group dynamics. We often use it as a place to get to know each other prior an event. But actually, its limits go waaay beyond that!

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