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  • Anders Pink $21.00

    Discover, curate content and integrate in apps/platforms

  • Bit.ly $21.00

    The link-in-bio functionality lets you curate, organize, and track links for learners.

  • Collaborative Tools for On-line Learning in the Cur8 LXP $21.00

    Bring learners together and get them involved in group activities with online collaborative tools.

  • Craft $20.00

    A tool for creating notes and documents as digital handouts.

  • Curata $21.00

    A machine learning tool, this App uses keywords, news sources, authors, bookmarks and shared content to search the web for relevant content

  • Diigo $21.00

    Gather web content, annotate, and share it

  • Feedly $21.00

    Useful for following, curating and aggregating information from publications, blogs, YouTube, Twitter and RSS feeds. For monitoring specific topics.

  • Inoreader $21.00

    Discover, share and read content from RSS feeds on the web

  • Padlet $21.00

    Gather web content; share thoughts and ideas.

  • Scoop.it $21.00

    Research and publish content. Publish topic pages. Specific content curation for websites/blogs, knowledge sharing or personal branding.

  • Symbaloo $21.00

    A curation tool that organises online resources, games, videos, and other files into ’tiles’

  • TaskCards (DE) $20.00

    TaskCards ist ein digitales Schwarzes Brett und bietet eine DSGVO-konforme Alternative zu Padlet.

  • Telegra.ph $21.00

    A simple tool for simple one-page websites with text, images, links and embedded videos without registration.

  • xTiles $20.00

    xTiles is one of the newest visual note-taking tools on the market. It aims to be a flexible workspace for visually organizing notes, links, images, videos and other content in an intuitive way.

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