Curated links: Podcasts for educators and trainers

1️⃣ The Learning & Development Podcast: In this podcast show, David James (Chief Learning Officer with the 360Learning platform) invites L&D professionals to discuss current topics in the field. Recommended episodes: Curation in L&D, Podcasts for learning

2️⃣ Conversations in Adult and Further Education: This podcast from Ireland (infrequently) publishes conversations with practitioners in adult and further education.

3️⃣ Plus One Podcast: The podcast aims to inspire educators through stories of exceptional educators from different types of education. Episodes are usually published in both audio and video formats.

4️⃣ EPALE Podcasts: The European Platform for Adult Learning in Europe occasionally publishes podcasts and is currently (2022) running a dedicated podcast series by the European Basic Skills Network. An episode of interest might be the conversation about the links between adult learning and skills.

5️⃣ Skillset and Match is a podcast from CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) on developments in vocational education and training with contributions from experts, policy makers, social partners, VET practitioners and learners.

6️⃣ ATD Accidental Trainer: A podcast by the US Association for Talent Development about designing and delivering powerful adult learning experiences and growing a career in training and talent development. Thoughts on upskilling and reskilling in the episode The power of personalized learning for building future skills.

7️⃣ The Happiness Lab is a podcast about happiness and wellbeing. Now in its fifth season, the podcast is hosted by Dr Laurie Santos, who also teaches a highly successful online course on happiness. What about starting with the episode about Burnout and how to avoid It? Or another topic that we also deal with in the Cur8 project: How to adopt a growth mindset.

8️⃣ There are now more than 400 episodes of the Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast. While the focus is – as the name suggests – on higher education, many episodes touch on topics related to workplace training and adult education. Have a listen to Top tools for learning on a review on some of the most widely used online tools, or Promoting student well-being in learning environments.

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