Curated links for deep dives into OER


➡️ The OER Starter Kit Workbook by Abbey Elder and Stacy Katz: This OER Starter Kit helps educators confidently find, use or create OER. The book has five sections: Getting Started, Copyright, Finding OER, Teaching with OER, and Creating OER. Accompanying worksheets and checklists can be downloaded as files (Google docs). The book itself is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License so you can easily copy, share, adapt, remix, transform and build upon the material.

International and national resource centers:

➡️ The German OERinfo (by Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education) is an online portal providing comprehensive information on the topic of OER for the public and professional target groups.

➡️ Open Education Global (OEG) is a non-profit organisation for the development and use of open education around the world. OEG hosts the annual OEAwards and OEWeek, both of which highlight recent developments and newly created material in Open Education.

Learning courses on the topic of OER:

➡️ The MOOC on OER offered by the University of Graz is an Austrian course offer which can be used as a self-learning course or in sporadically offered mentored course runs.

➡️ The OpenLearn course Creating open educational resources is an English learning offer provided and regularly updated by the Open University.

➡️ Another very recent learning offer is (LOERA) Learning OER Anytime, a self-paced, interactive, on-demand, responsive course highlighted during OEWeek 2022.

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